VARESE Trefja koddi

Fluffy and delightful fibre pillow with a down-like feel. The pillow is filled with 70% Fossflakes and 30% polyester ball fibre. This unique fibre mixture ensures that the pillows are rich, bouncy and long lasting (they should be washed sparingly for optimum durability). Fossflakes are a down-like synthetic fibre, formed as a down bolster and inspired by the airiness of down and feathers. The cover is woven from the finest cotton cambric, an extra thin thread that gives a denser, more durable and flexible fabric that prevents the fibre mix from penetrating through the seams. The cover is sewn with piping and the pillow is packaged in a stylish fabric bag. Choose from low, medium or high pillow profile.

Þessi púði er flottur með Duetto 60x80

Stærð 60x80